Unsolved Mysteries

The disappearance of flight MH370 still remains a mystery years after it vanished, leaving the world wondering what could have happened the night it left that caused a huge airplane to suddenly disappear. I constantly check the internet about updates and new theories regarding the missing plane. It’s actually easy for me to believe the conspiracy theory about the plane being in Diego Garcia as there were no debris to prove that it went down to the bottom of the Indian Ocean. But aside from the mysterious disappearance of MH370, there are other mystery cases that interest me and vow to follow the story until the time the truth comes out.

1. The location of the lost continent, Atlantis

The  legendary continent that was believed to be as big as Libya and Asia Minor combined, tragically sank in a single day and night. The only historical account of Atlantis could be found in the book of Greek philosopher Plato, Timeus but historians failed to prove its existence and believed that Atlantis is a metaphor used by Plato to describe the Athenian government. But with all the natural disaster that could have happened in the olden times, a sunken city like Atlantis is not impossible. In search for the location of the sunken city, National geographic made an amazing documentary.

2. The Remains of Noah’s Ark The story of Noah and the ark is written in the book of Genesis, where God gave Noah an instruction to build an ark in order to save his family and other living creatures from the great flood. Searches for the location of Noah’s ark were conducted to know if there is a hidden truth behind the story or it is plainly a myth. An earthquake revealed a boat-liked formation on top of a mountain, not far from Mount Ararat, where the ark was believed to have rested and is now named as Noah’s Ark National Park. Whether it is the remains of the Ark or just a natural formation, I want to visit the site someday and hope that it will be proved and be officially accepted as the true remains of Noah’s ark.

Possible location of Noah’s Ark

There is a hypothesis that Noah came from the lost city of Atlantis and evacuated from the island during the island’s doomsday.

3. America’s Unknown Child (The Boy in the Box)

 In 1957, a dead body of a young boy, about five years old, was found inside a discarded cardboard box in a secluded road in FoxChase, Philadelphia. Years after the incident, the identity of the boy and who left him inside the box is still unknown, making the case one of the longest unsolved cases in the history of Philadelphia. Going through the articles gathered in the internet, I believe that the foster family has something to do with the boy’s death. To find out more about the case of the boy in the box, visit the official site of the America’s unknown child.

4. Mystery of the missing Sodder children

They were believed to have perished in the fire and local officials announced their death but eyewitnesses claimed that they were abducted. Almost seven decades later, the fate of the children is still unknown. The parents died without knowing the truth behind their children’s disappearance and why there were no remains of dead bodies found in the burned house.

Billboard of the missing Sodder children

To find out more about the Sodder children, visit this site.
5. Sandy Hook elementary shooting 

His behavioral problems might have caused Adam Lanza to shoot twenty school children and six adult staff members but the reason behind choosing Sandy Hook elementary school as his target and what triggered him that day to be insanely violent will always be a question. This happened while I was still a college student and I could totally see myself in Adam Lanza, a boy with a hidden life. As they say, don’t judge someone’s silence for weakness, no one plans a murder out loud.

*Photos belong to their respective sources. They are not mine unless otherwise stated.

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