Anastasia is an animated film inspired by the story of the grand duchess Anastasia of Russia, the youngest daughter of the last imperial family of Russia, who was believed to escape from the abduction of her family. The film began in the palace of the royal family, where Anastasia’s grandmother visited from France and left Anastasia a gift of music box and necklace with a script saying ”together in paris”.

 Suddenly, a sorcerer with a strong hatred to the Romanov family due to being exiled by Anastasia’s father, started a revolution and killed the Romanov family. Only Anastasia and her grandmother were able to escape with the help of a servant boy. But the two were separated when they were trying to climb in a moving train. Anastasia fell and hit her head, losing her memory. 

 The grand duchess Anastasia and her grandmother were reunited at the end of the story. The sorcerer who sold his soul to the devil in desperation to finish the entire member of the Romanov family was defeated  with the help of the servant boy who is now a grown up man and became Anastasia’s love interest in the movie. 

 I’ve heard of this movie when I was little but I became interested in the movie when I learned that it was inspired by the story of the last imperial family of Russia. Obviously, the movie was created for kids so most of the scenes were not from the actual event in the Romanov’s history. I know the movie has a happy ending but it made me sad knowing that in reality, the grand duchess Anastasia did not really escape from the horrible fate of her family. Her body was found in another grave after long years of speculation that she was still  alive. Perhaps in real world, life of a princess is far from fairy tale.

One thought on “Anastasia”

  1. The sad end of the Romanov family has inspired many books and films. I just don’t know why they always attempt to re-write history. Maybe because they can create a happier ending?

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